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Introduction to the art of comunication

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From theory to practice

“The idea to create a work on the psychology of communication is born from the need to focus the attention on how the communicative exchanges take different nuances that underlie the centrality of the mind and of the psyche in the context of human relations. From this initial assumption, the “skeleton” of the work later developed in relation, however, to the many facets of communication, to the strict relations between psychological processes and communicative exchanges. Psychology-communication-society, a trinomial rich of interrelations for the human being, its growth and its evolution; here, therefore, the looming of the text in which from a primitive overview of what is communication follows a critical route that emphasizes how homo sapiens, with his emotions and the homo faber, with its productivity, are expressions of an expressive versatility stripped from the psychology of communication. From here, it started the initial idea of the work, an ongoing process that merged a number of stimuli, insights, issues that led to the final architecture, maybe a little chorus arbitrary way. An alternation of theoretical and practical concepts accompany all the work aimed at providing students with a vision, possibly comprehensive, of psychology of communication investigated in various fields (work, school, health) in which man lives and acts. On this line, the cut of the text in an open, to discover new perspectives of a discipline, the psychology of communication that always enriches more content in an era where the multimedia has brought to light new languages, singular forms of communication greatly revolutionizing human interactions”. - Carlo D’Asaro Biondo -


Javier Fiz Perez

Scienze Umane: dalla formazione all'applicazione
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